As part of Global Goals 2020 campaign,  NC4 ESOL for Employability students have been exploring a range of areas such as World Hunger, Food Waste, Ethical Shopping, Mental and Physical health, Climate Crisis or Water Crisis. The final product of a series of lessons are visuals – posters, leaflets and infographics.


As part of Food topic, students investigated the impact of food we eat  on the planet and the environment. Below a flip-book presenting their findings. 

The Voyager Climate Crisis Journey

Students embark on a virtual journey with Google Voyager (Climate Change’s Impact) and analyse the impact of climate change on the planet.  

The Importance of Water

Should we drink bottled water - critical thinking

Students collected arguments for and against drinking bottled water in a collaborative document.

Water Playlist

A collection of six videos on the topic of water and water crisis. Click a hamburger icon at the right top corner to see all six videos. The list might be updated soon so you might see more than six . Students were asked to choose two videos from the WATER  playlist and take notes including at least 5 hard facts. Click for a handout in word/pdf. 


Palm Oil Project

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